Friday, February 24, 2012

7213 Off Road Fire Truck Review

I recently purchased this set from Shop@Home for $23.98 USD. At 40% off, it was a great deal. The original price was $39.99 USD. This is a great set, except for one thing: The crane can't hold on ounce. Every time you even try to lift the boat with it, it falls off. Without the crane, this set isn't very exciting. The crane needs redesigning. One thing I wish they would make would be a 2 x 8 windshield, so you wouldn't have to have two 2 x 4 windshields. It makes it less realistic. This would be good on a lot of other sets. The crane is also very hard to put up and down. This makes for a worse play experience. Overall an average set. There are things that could have been better. The boat, however, is a nice edition to any city.  The stabilizers are also a nice touch.